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We provide your pet with the utmost love and tenderness while in our care. We will always get acquainted with your pet so that they feel comfortable with us before we begin grooming. We will never cage your pet and we will always discuss with you, the owner, prior to providing any additional services we feel will make your pet happier, healthier or more comfortable.

We believe every dog and cat deserves the highest-quality grooming, which is why we only use
the finest quality products and provide not just a groom, but a full-service experience.  



Pre-groom consult,
Bath, Blow-dry, Brush,
Nail trim, Paw trim (feet and between pads),
Breed appropriate clip, Scissor finish,
Sanitary trim (if necessary),
Scented finish (if requested),
Parasite check,
Gland expression (if necessary),
Treat (with prior approval),
and lots of love, affection and tenderness


XL (100+lbs) - $115
L (76-100lbs) - $105
M (51-75lbs) - $95
S (26-50lbs) - $85
XS (0-25lbs) - $75

add-on services

CBD Treatment - $20
Teeth Brushing - $10 Blueberry Facial - $5
Anti-Anxiety Treatment - $20
De-Matting - $20
De-Shedding - $20
De-skunking - $50
Flea/Tick Treatment - $20
Shave-downs - $20
Skin Treatment* - $20
*100% natural aloe/tea-tree ointment


Or call us at 512.645.6733